Types of art

Psychedelic art

Contents What is psychedelic art?  Who are famous doing psychedelic art?  Any particular medium used for psychedelic art?  Is it difficult to do psychedelic art?  What is psychedelic art?  Psychedelic art is a style of visual art that emerged in the 1960s during the countercultural movement. It is characterized by its use of bright colours, …

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Pen Drawing

Contents How to do pen drawing? Pen drawing has market values? Can mastering pen drawing enhancing my painting skill? What are the type of pen best for pen drawing? What Kind of pen should I use as a beginner? How to do pen drawing? Pen drawing is a versatile and popular form of art that …

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gouache art

Gouache Art contents What is gouache art?  What are the paint brand’s that are best for gouache art?  Who are the famous  artists using gouache art?  What is gouache art?  Gouache is a type of paint that is similar to watercolor, but with a higher pigment concentration.  It has the addition binding agent, such as gum …

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3D Art

3D Art contents What is 3D art? What medium is best for 3D art?  How to master 3D art?  Is 3D art for people who already can draw very well?  How do I start doing 3D art if I do not have any art foundation?   What is 3D art?  3D art, also known as …

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Pour Painting

Pour Painting contents What is pour painting? How to do pour painting?  What kind of paint is ideal for pour painting? More affordable paints substitutes for pour painting   What is pour painting? Pour painting, also known as fluid art or acrylic pouring, is a technique in which acrylic paint is thinned with various mediums …

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oil pastel

Oil Pastel contents What is oil pastel? How to use oil pastels/oil pastel art?  How to choose oil pastels? What are the things to note when doing oil pastel? What are the techniques to use for oil pastels?   What is Oil Pastel? Oil pastels are a type of art medium that consists of a …

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Ink Drawing

Ink drawing is a form of drawing that involves using ink and various tools, such as pens, brushes, and quills, to create lines and shapes on paper or other surfaces. The ink is typically a liquid substance that is applied to the drawing surface in a controlled manner to create fine lines, cross-hatching, shading, and other effects.

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