About My Journey of Learning Drawing Portraits

The Art of Drawing Portraits: Capturing Life on Paper

Drawing portraits has become a fulfilling and fascinating journey for me, a self-taught artist. Through countless hours of practice, experimenting with techniques, and learning from various resources,

I have embarked on a 100 portrait challenge. This challenge pushes me to constantly improve my skills, understand proportions, and perfect shading to create realistic portraits. In this article, I’d like to share my experiences and suggest additional methods to enhance your portrait drawing abilities.

My Portrait Drawing Journey

My journey began with a desire to capture the unique essence of individuals on paper. Being self-taught, I relied heavily on online tutorials, video demonstrations, and mobile applications to guide me through the process. One of the key tools I use is an app that enables me to compare my drawings with a reference image, helping me identify areas for improvement in proportions and shading.

Embrace the 100 Portrait Challenge

The 100 portrait challenge has been a game-changer in my artistic development. It’s a commitment to create 100 portraits, each one a learning opportunity. The challenge encourages consistent practice, allowing me to track my progress and witness the evolution of my skills. Setting a numerical goal can be motivating and empowering, pushing you to achieve milestones and celebrate your growth.

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